Meditation to Get Rid of Your Couldn’t

We can become stuck in “I can’t, I couldn’t,” because we are afraid. This thinking gets us away from our path (dharma), our destiny. Away from our own greatness. Practice this meditation to face our fears and stop our “couldn’ts.”

“Shift fear by embracing our strengths from our own inner power by the use of sound and rhythm.”


Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight.


Eyes closed and gently roll them up. Focus on the brow point (3rd eye).


Bend the elbows and bring the hands up to ear level. Cross the middle fingers over the backs of the index fingers, locking the other two fingers down with the thumbs. Forearms out slightly out from ribcage. Hold your spine straight and your chin in necklock. 


Chant “Har” from the navel with a steady rhythm. Har is the creative aspect of everything. Har stimulates the 2nd and 3rd chakra (creative and power). Be constant and consistent with the chanting. Breath when you need to. Allow the rhythm to hold you. 


Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Let the prana and mantra multiply within you. Exhale. Repeat two more times. On the last round inhale deeply and powerfully, hold, and pull the navel in. Exhale and relax.


3, 7, and 11 minutes daily practice for full effect.
(No more than 11 minutes.)

©Madhur Nain

Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yogi Bhajan® originally taught September 4th, 2001